Getting Started with SalesIntel APIs

SalesIntel APIs rely on a set of permissions to access, and the availability of credits to return data. Credits are consumed based on the number and type of records returned, not the number of requests made. If a single company search returns 20 matching companies, 20 company credits are consumed. Therefore, it is important to monitor page size and other filter settings to appropriately scope your request. Responses that are paginated do not consume credits until that page is accessed.

Authenticate to the SalesIntel API using the header key-value pair:

X-CB-ApiKey: [your API key]

Your API key will be provided by your success team. API keys are scoped to a user, while users belong to an account. If the user is removed or deactivated, the key will also be impacted.

Some API endpoints are uncredited and simply require access permissions. Those endpoints are flagged in documentation.

A 403 error is returned if your account is not permissioned to access a resource. A 402 error is returned if your account does not have sufficient credits to be charged for the response. Credits and permissions are set at the account level, not the user level.

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