A Note on Contact Locations

To determine the location for a specific contact, connect the position_location_id in the People API response with the matching location_id in the addresses array. All required information is in the single API response.

A contact record is returned with an addresses array. This is an array of addresses belonging to the company with which the contact is associated. There is a field for each address called is_hq. Where this value is true, this is the HQ address. There is also a location_id for each address.

For the contact itself, the position_location_id will map to the location_id of one of the provided addresses in the array for an HQ or branch location, to surface the contact’s specific location. We also include a location field, which is the city/state/country where that contact is located. This location field is also present for remote contacts and, in that case, is provided instead of a remote/personal address. The location_type field will tell you whether the contact is at the HQ (inc HQ fallback, which is default for lack of additional info), a branch, or remote.

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