Use Cases

Learn how to use the APIs to accomplish standard use cases

Use the APIs to return companies based on firmographic or technographic criteria to discover new companies within your ICP.

Company Data Append

Use the APIs to append firmographic information to identified companies, by domain name (recommended) or company name.

Use the APIs to discover net-new contacts that meet buying center and ICP criteria. The APIs can be used to support an ABM strategy, returning buying center contacts at a set of companies, specified by domain (recommended) or company name.

Contact Data Append

Use the APIs to append contact information to known contacts, using email address (preferred), or combinations of first name, last name, company domain, title, etc. Our team can help you construct a waterfall of logic designed to ensure the highest match rate for your contact append scenarios.

Technographic Data Append

Append tech stack usage to companies, by domain (recommended) or company name. Specify the technologies of interest and learn if the company does or does not incorporate that technology into their tech stack.

News Articles by Company

Retrieve news articles for a set of companies, specified by domain. Specify a category or specific type of news of interest, along with publication or extraction dates.

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