Troubleshooting Your Integration

Job and App Failures

If your webhook receiver is down or responds otherwise than 2xx, a job failure will be logged. SalesIntel will retry the job up to 6 times. If it fails after the last time, a notification email is sent to the requestor and to all SalesIntel account admins describing the failed job.

If 6 jobs in a row fail, your app will be set to a Disabled status and will not be shown to end users, even if the Availability is set to Available for All. An email will be sent to all SalesIntel account admins to confirm this state.

Re-Activating Your App

To re-activate your app, fix the issues that caused it to fail and then go back to your app in the SalesIntel web application. You'll see the status of the impacted app as Disabled. Edit the app and click on the red Re-Enable button at the top. This button will send an empty payload to your endpoint. If the endpoint replies with a 200 response, your app will be re-enabled and available to users again.

Avoiding Failures

One of the best ways to avoid webhook failures is to handle exceptions on the webhook receiver side. As long as the service is up and running, it should accept all requests set to it and handle unexpected payloads through internal exception handling and logging, rather than failing to accept a request due to unexpected content in the payload. Exceptions can be re-processed, as the file that contains the records will be available for 7 days.

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