Webhooks and Export Apps

SalesIntel's custom export integration platform allows our clients to build their own integrations between SalesIntel's web application and their CRM or marketing platform. Using a webhook producer and receiver model, daily users can continue to access the SalesIntel web application and all of its benefits directly, but push the data they want to their own custom integrations.

Data is transmitted from SalesIntel through a webhook producer, which provides access to a standardized target file, as well as crucial metadata that is key to processing that dataset (such as record owners, record types, campaign enrollment), set by the user within parameters defined by admin configuration. This model allows the client's development team to set up a webhook receiver, and extract, transform, and load the data to the target destination, ensuring data integrity and security.

To use export apps, follow the steps below:

  1. Create your custom app in the SalesIntel web application

  2. Build your webhook receiver to match the custom app specs

  3. Test your integration

  4. Make your app available for your users

To access the Export Apps platform, please reach out to your Client Success Team or support@salesintel.io.

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