Testing Your App

After you save your app, the Availability will be set to Disabled. Disabled apps are not available for users in the platform while you continue to develop. At this point, you will also see an option to Send a Test Record to your endpoint.

When you send a test record, a request will be sent to the webhook receiver endpoint that you configured that looks exactly like a production request, using a sample data file in place of data that your team has exported. If you have selected contact or company inclusions (like a record owner), a sample of that inclusion will also be added.

You may test your app as often as you wish to ensure that it works as expected.

End-to-end testing

Before you make your app available for all of your SalesIntel users, we recommend that you make it available for your SalesIntel Admin users to test. To do so, set your app's availability to Enabled for Admins. Once you do so, SalesIntel Admin users will be able to see the app as an option when exporting contacts or companies (depending on which your app supports).

Once they export, their request will be run and a webhook request will be generated - this could take up to 30 minutes or longer, depending on how busy the platform is. From there, you can confirm that your integration is properly processing the resulting information.

Once your integration is confirmed, set your Availability to Enabled for All to make it available to all users.

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